Members of the network

The PCC NET is a growing body of both health care researchers and stakeholders from different organizations and institutions who are interested in promoting both research on and implementation of patient-centered care. Members are from around the world. They all join under the umbrella of PCC NET in order to advance patient-centered care.

Lena Ansmann

I am a passionate health services researcher with a specific interest in the way healthcare organizations shape patient-centered care.
After studying public health, I was working as a research assistant at the Institute of Medical Sociology, Health Services Research and Rehabilitation Science (IMVR) of the University of Cologne, Germany. This is where I received my PhD in 2014 for a thesis on the organizational context of social support from physicians in breast cancer care from. In 2015 I became Assistant Professor at the same University and focused on implementation and evaluation of complex interventions in healthcare organizations. In 2017 I was appointed Professor for Organizational Health Services Research at the University of Oldenburg, where I am currently working.

Angelina Dois

Angelina Dois is Associate Professor at the School of Nursing, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her expertise is in family and mental health nursing. She is a nurse midwife, family therapist and master in psychology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Angelina is a research associate with Paulina Bravo’s PhD team for patient-centred care and shared decision-making and leads the Good Treatment in health care line. Her line of research seeks to advance towards humanised and participatory health systems at all levels.

Dr. Alana Fisher, PhD

Dr Fisher is a researcher based at two Australian digital mental health services leading the development, evaluation and delivery of digital treatments for mental health and physical health conditions.

Her program of work focuses on consumer decision-making about uptake and engagement with mental health treatments. She uses qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-design research methods to explore key stakeholder perspectives, priorities and needs. These insights then guide the development of targeted information and decision-support resources, and person-centred service delivery.

More broadly, Dr Fisher’s research interests are in enhancing our understanding and delivery of evidence-based best practice in mental healthcare in line with individual preferences, needs, and priorities.

Juan Franco

Juan Franco is a family physician and researcher with expertise in evidence-informed healthcare, knowledge translation and patient-centred care. He works as the Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Evidence Based Medicine, clinical editor at the BMJ, and Managing Editor of the Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders Group at the Institute of General Practice of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

Wiebke Frerichs

Wiebke Frerichs is a health scientists M.Sc. and a Ph.D. candidate in the field of psycho-oncology at the Department of Medical Psychology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Currently she is a senior researcher for a study on patient-centered communication in nursing, a mixed-method study including a pilot randomized controlled trial (RCT) evaluating a communication skills training for nurses in Germany.

Within her Ph.D. she is investigating the communication of healthcare professionals (HCPs) in oncology when a parent has cancer. Together with her colleagues she developed and evaluated a needs-based training for HCPs to enhance their competencies when a parent has cancer as a pilot RCT.

Her field of expertise is the person-centered communication of healthcare professionals, shared-decision making and physical activity for non-communicable diseases, as she also holds a B.Sc. in Physical Therapy (NL, CAN).

Clara Haufschild

Clara Haufschild is a psychologist M.Sc. and a research associate within the ASPIRED-project at the Department of Medical Psychology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Currently, she is working on the routine implementation of a questionnaire that measures patient-centeredness through the lens of the patients themselves.

Adriana Poppe

Adriana Poppe is a sociologist and research associate with the PMV research group at the university hospital cologne. She is working in different research projects evaluating innovative forms of care in e.g. patients with polypharmacy. Within the evaluation process, her focus is on secondary data analysis (claims data) as well as the implementation of a socio-economic impact assessment (SEIA) which takes, among other, subjective experience of patients into account.

More broadly, her research interests are in delivery of evidence-based health care. Moreover, she is interested in integrated people-centered health services.

Andrea Rioseco Castillo

Andrea Rioseco is family physician and Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC). She teaches undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education courses on person-centered care and works at a Family Health Center (CESFAM) in Santiago, Chile. Currently, she is a co-investigator in a project to strengthen training in Patient-Centered Care in undergraduate courses at the School of Medicine UC.

Cintia Tanure

Cintia Tanure is an M.Sc. health scientist and a Ph.D. student at the University of Brasilia and a member of the Brazilian Institute of Patient Rights (Instituto Brasileiro de Direito do Paciente – IBDPAC).

Within her M.Sc. she validated a scale that analyzes the conflict in the patient’s healthcare decision-making.

She is currently a researcher in a study on patient-centered communication in nursing and shared decision-making as a change in perspective for health care in Brazil.

Her area of expertise is rehabilitating adults with spinal cord injury, shared decision-making and conflicted decision-making in healthcare.

Rieka von der Warth

Rieka von der Warth is a psychologists M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidate at the Section of Health Care Research and Rehabilitation Research at the Medical Center, University of Freiburg.

Her Ph.D. focuses on health communication preferences in transgender and non-binary people based on the theory of patient-centeredness. Aim of the thesis is to develop a communication guide for physicians to apply and communicate in a non-transphobic way.

Furthermore, she is as a researcher in different research projects evaluating complex health care interventions enhancing care, in e.g. geriatric patients or individuals with substance-related disorders.

More broadly, Rieka von der Warth´s field of expertise, is patient-centered care in vulnerable groups, methods in health services research and patient-reported outcomes.

Stefan Zeh

Stefan Zeh is a psychologist and research associate within the ASPIRED-project at the Department of Medical Psychology (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf) and he currently is finishing his PhD. In the ASPIRED-project and within his PhD, Stefan wants to assess (experienced) patient-centeredness through the lense of patients. He is dedicated to foster patient-centered care through his research, clinical work and in lectures for students of medicine. Furthermore, he is in training to become a licensed psychotherapist.

Elâ Ziegler

Elâ Ziegler, M.Phil. is a sociologist based in Hamburg working as a health care researcher and lecturer at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in the Institute of Medical Sociology.

Graduating in development studies in Cape Town fostered her interest in quantitative and qualitative analyses as well as participatory research.

She is currently pursuing her PhD on the topic of peer support in oncological diseases. As part of a research group on patient orientation and peer support she is involved in two research projects aiming to improve patient-centered care: gesa-K and the evaluation of the medical practice AnDOCken.

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