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International Network for
Patient-Centered Care

What is patient-centered care?


The “International Network for Patient-Centered Care“ (PCC NET) aims to facilitate and promote professional exchange, networking, and discussion on the topic of patient-centered care between researchers, educators, health care professionals, and patients. The PCC NET serves as a basis for the development of joint, international research projects and collaborations.

What is patient-centered care?

Patient-centered care proposes a shift in the health care model, by offering adequate access to continuous and coordinated care, provided by competent, empathetic, and respectful health care professionals.

Patient-centered care implies that health care professionals

  • work in interdisciplinary teams to integrate medical and non-medical care as needed,
  • take a biopsychosocial perspective to understand the patient as a unique person,
  • build a partnership with the patient through collaboration,
  • communicate clearly and communicate health information in an individualized manner,
  • involve the patient and, where appropriate, the patient’s family in health decisions and encourage them to take actions to improve their health,
  • help the patient to strengthen both their physical and emotional well-being.

More detailed scientific literature on patient-centered care can be found in resources.

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